Life changes completely and forever once you become a mother.  Regardless of whether a woman feels that she herself has changed, her life has indeed changed; and it has changed in all-encompassing ways.  New mothers have new skills to learn, new relationships to form and old relationships that need reframing.   The new mother is also faced with new responsibilities and her life, certainly in those early months, is completely different to anything that she has experienced before.

Inevitably this new life with a baby will have an impact on the mother; it may cause her to re-evaluate herself and her life and the way she lives it as a result of becoming a mother.  Whatever the mothers’ perspective or experience, or how prepared or otherwise the mother might feel, until she is holding her new baby she will not really know what it is like to be a mother, or how her experience will play out in the days, months or years ahead.

The aim of Mother Time is to create a space for mothers, to give time to allow them to make sense of their experience and to give support during this life changing time.  Support is offered at a variety of levels depending on the individual need; whether it is exploring what being a mother means in the Mother Time groups, or getting emotional support in the pre and post natal depression group, or undertaking more focussed support through Psychotherapy and Counselling; or indeed a re-evaluation of life and direction in light of becoming a mother through Life Coaching.  Whatever the mothers’ need there will be the much needed support here to help mothers in their role so that they can live life in the best way possible.