Becoming a mother can sometimes cause a complete re-evaluation of a woman’s life and direction.  Her responsibilities change and with that so do her values and expectations of the life she now wants to live.  A mother’s relationship with her friends and family may also change.  Mothers also need to make lots of decisions, what type of mother does she want to be? Will she return to work or stay at home and what will these decisions mean for her?  If a mother decides to return to work, will that be part-time or full-time, to her old job or a new job?

Life coaching can help mothers think through these types of decisions, it will also help her to examine her values and what is important for her now that she is a mother.  Through this examination a mother will be able to make choices and decisions which are thought- through and which will lead her in the direction she now wants to go in.

Life coaching can be conducted face to face or via Skype or by telephone for mothers who feel that they need more ad hoc support or who wish to explore how they manage the many different strands of their life.  Life coaching is also useful for mothers planning on returning to work or for those who wish to explore different avenues of work now that they are a mother.  For more information on the life coaching sessions I offer please use the contact form or call me on 07957 154621