Knitting your way out of depression?

I sit

And Knit

The click, click beats a rhythm

It calms and rests

And my mind soars and roams

(Claire Arnold-Baker, 2011)

As a knitter myself I have long held the view that knitting is therapeutic.  It is an activity that requires concentration but is repetitive enough to allow your mind to roam and wander.  There is a rhythm to it, that you create with your needles, a click, click, click.  It is creative and purposeful as you create something new, maybe to wear, or to use in your home.  It is a way of meditating, your body is taken up with a repetitive act which calms the mind.

It was therefore really interesting to read this article about a mother who turned to knitting as a way of overcoming her postnatal depression.  Jacqui’s struggles began when she decided to become a stay at home mum, having given up a career in law.  She turned to knitting, although an extreme, oversized version of knitting, and found that it was “really therapeutic and a way to meditate”.  In the process she also created her own business creating throws and other art works with oversized needles and wool.

Although it is not always possible to find the time to knit when you have a small baby, although I have knitted with a baby on my lap in the past, it may be a way of creating an oasis of calm in what may seem a chaotic time.  Creating a bit of time and space for you to regain a sense of yourself in this often challenging time and in the process create something warm and comforting.   Equally knitting isn’t for everyone and not everyone will find it therapeutic.  As is always the case it is about finding a solution that works for you, as an individual.