For some mothers motherhood can be a difficult and emotional time.  Becoming a mother can bring up issues around the mothers own family relationships and her childhood experience.  Mothers can sometimes find it difficult to cope with a new baby if they don’t have support from family and friends to draw on.  Some mothers experience depression during pregnancy as well as after the birth.  Mothers may have also experienced a traumatic birth or suffer from intrusive thoughts in postnatal anxiety.

Individual sessions offer more in-depth and focused support.  These sessions will help you to come to terms with your emotional responses to motherhood and gives you support in coping with the stresses that motherhood sometimes brings.  These sessions are also for mothers experiencing post-natal depression or depression during pregnancy, postnatal anxiety or birth trauma.  With the right support and space to explore the feelings and thoughts that come up, you can feel better about yourself and be better able to cope.

Previously I offered 50 minute face to face sessions once a week in central Reading, but I am now working remotely via Zoom.  For more information on my way of working, please click here or contact me by email or phone 07957 154621.


Therapy sessions provide a safe and confidential space for you to talk with a qualified therapist about what is concerning you or what is going on in your life.

Each session lasts 50 minutes and people generally come to sessions once a week. The therapy can be either short term (6-12 sessions) or long term (open-ended), focused on a particular issue or involve a deeper exploration of your life and relationships.


£60 for individual therapy sessions

£60 for supervision*

To arrange an appointment please feel free to contact me.

*Supervision for therapists is essential for support and to provide an overview for the practitioner and their clients as well as deepening understanding and improving practice.