Tips for Dealing with Postnatal Depression

Becoming a mother involves a huge upheaval in a mother’s life, whether it is her first or subsequent baby. Life with a baby can also be very different from the one that was imagined. If you are feeling low or sad or are having negative thoughts about your baby or being a mother it might be useful to remember that:

  • It is normal to feel low after having your baby
  • It is also really good to talk about those feelings with other people such as your family, friends or a professional, so that they can support you
  • Sharing your experience openly with other mothers will also help and you will probably find that the other mothers are feeling similar things to you
  • It is important to take time for yourself too, to give yourself some space to make sense of how your life has changed and what you are feeling
  • You don’t need to be the perfect mother, each mother is different and each mother and baby relationship is different too, you just need to find your own way of being a mother
  • You will not be judged for seeking help, in fact the sooner you seek help the sooner you will start to feel better