What are the Baby Blues?

The Baby Blues are a way of describing how a mother feels emotionally after having a baby, Postnatal Depression (PND) is another.  A 2010 research study showed that between 25%-33% of all mothers in the study reported experiencing PND.  PND might be seen as being at one end of the spectrum but there are a multitude of ways in which a new mother might feel emotionally after the birth of her baby.  Becoming a mother is a life changing event, for which most mothers have little preparation for, or experience of, caring for a new-born baby.  Mothers are also given little preparation for how they might feel or the emotional responses they might expect after the birth of their baby.  Little has been written about the real life experiences of mothers who are struggling to come to terms with their new life, or who feel sad when they think they should be feeling happy with their new baby.  This means that mothers can sometimes suffer in silence because they feel that what they are feeling is not normal or that in some ways they are not being a good mother.  It was therefore good to come across Sarah Jane’s blog, who wrote about what it was like for her emotionally after having her fourth baby and her struggles with PND.  These real life experiences show that motherhood can be hard emotionally for the mother, even for seasoned mothers of four.  They also show that mothers don’t need to suffer alone and that with support things can begin to feel better.